((trying to blog but being so utterly uninteresting that you just don't)) hey everyone, i know i said i'd try to keep this up but i just didn't have anything special to write about so i figured i'd just let it rest for a while. however, i am back to blogging for now and since i left my babysitting money at lush yesterday, i thought 'why not post a haul?'

first things first - i repurchased my favourite mask, the mask of magnamity (raved about it in my first lush haul, recommended it to all of my friends, used it up... this thing is incredible).

i also got a tiny piece of the sexy peel soap as a gift from lush since i spent +25€ – this smells super citrus-y and i am not entirely sure whether i'm into it, so i will most likely not purchase this but still -  gifts are lovely !!!

aaaand here's one of the most hyped up products lush has to offer: the popcorn lip scrub! i feel like everyone and their mother uses these lip scrubs and i used to not want to spend money on it. mainly cause it's just sugar+oils+coconut oil and it's rather expensive but i just went for it yesterday and so far i am really loving it.

the last thing i picked up is called 'tiny hands' - there were a lot of hand products set up right by the counter and i saw this one. it looks like a piece of soap in the shape of a little hand (which is super cute. aah.) but it's really a solid hand cream. the name's tiny hands and it's currently working wonders on my incredibly dry hands. also, did i mention it's super cute?! 



hiya! i spent the past four days in birmingham to go to wireless festival and of course did a bit a lot of shopping. especially in the food and skincare department, i always have looong shopping lists when i go to the uk. so, here's what i bought at boots, topshop, mac, vintage stores and... a ton of food. 



i announced this post in my previous one and here it is — my pastel lilac hair, how i got it, how i maintain and care for it, how i style it etc.



ahh i am sorry for being mia for quite a while but i have been completely busy with my a-levels. i graduated on friday so now i am back to the blog, yay! thought since it's the end of june it would be cool to tell you about my june favourites.

my first favourite has been the mask of magnaminty by lush. i've already raved about this in my lush haul and i've been using it twice a week ever since. it clears my skin immediately, especially the problem areas around my nose — so much love for this one.
next up is the revlon colorburst lip butter in raspberry pie. now, this wouldn't seem like a spring/summer-y colour, would it?! however, it looks amazing with my new hair (which i will be talking about in an upcoming post). another makeup favourite has been the maybelline rocket volum' express mascara. this one is a rediscovery, since i've been using my beloved mega plush pretty much non stop for the past year. however, i've been using the rocket volum' a lot in june cause it just does the job really fast. curl your lashes, put one coat of this on and .... BOOM! super voluminous lashes. 
now... on to my absolute obsession - the new hair. i decided to dye my hair a pastel lilac a few weeks ago and i've been absolutely loving it. as i said, i'll be going on and on about it in another post but for now i shall tell you about the colour i am using. it's the la riche directions in violet.  i combine this with a ton of conditioner to achieve my pastel colour but this stuff is really great - it smells pretty nice, it is profitable (you get a lot  out of one pot if you combine it with conditioner) and it is pigmented very well. 

so - that is it! thanks for reading and stay tuned (bloglovin!) for my pastel hair post :-) xx josie



hello, i thought i'd share my wishes / the things i am currently saving for with you today. since i am graduating and turning eighteen this year (hollerrr), this is quite a huge one.

by overjoyeds on polyvore
1. urban decay naked 3 palette: overly hyped, but it's just insanely gorgeous and the quality of the UD eyeshadows is great.

2. converse white hi-top sneakers: these have been on my list for such a long time because they are versatile and classic. 

3. mac russian red lipstick: once again, a classic! 

4. fjallraven kanken in light blue: pictured ^is the sky blue one but the light blue is just so beautiful and i need a new bag anyways so i figured i might as well treat myself to this one.

5. iphone 5s: long story short - my 4s is falling apart, both figuratively and literally speaking. i do not have a mobile phone plan/contract so i would need to pay the full price for it, however, apple does that 10%-off-if-you-bring-an-old-device-thing going on so i'd definitely take advantage of that.

6. canon eos 600d: definitely the first thing i am buying off this list, my long-term dream-camera for - well, everything: traveling, blogging, youtube, life... plus, it's currently on sale at a local electronics retailer!

7. nike pro splatter bra: i need a new sports bra, specifically for running and this one is absolutely gorgeous! 

8. alexa chung - it: i've been wanting to get this one as it is not only one of the top beauty books of the past few years but it's also by one of my favourite style icons.

9. topshop moto rosa shorts: i tried these on the other day and immediately fell in love, which is why they of course had to end up on the wishlist. 

so yes, that's all! i will of course keep you posted on new acquisitions on the blog and on my instagram (@josephineleonie)



when i checked the mailbox today, i let out a muffled scream - the necklaces i ordered from delilahdust more than a month ago finally arrived! 

the first one is the gold dipped clear crystal quartz chunk necklace, which is a bit more chunky than i would've expected (kinda obvious when looking at the name, silly me) but still absolutely gorgeous. it's not available online anymore but this one is kind of similar, except less chunky. 
i also got the gold dipped raw amethyst necklace which is honestly one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen, i can literally not stop staring at it! this one's also the reason why my order took quite a while to arrive, it wasn't in stock anymore and had to be pre-ordered.

the necklaces have been on my list for quite some time so i  treated myself to them when i got my year 12 report card and i am so happy i did. they weren't too expensive either and i even managed to get free shipping to germany! when i sent the support team a mail to inform myself about the status of my order on saturday, i got a lovely reply immediately and the package arrived in my mailbox safe and sound – i am sure this will not be the last time i ordered from the website since i am absolutely loving my purchases. 10/10 would definitely recommend :-))

xx josie